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AddOn is North America’s largest provider of compatible network upgrades and connectivity products, offering compelling value to partners throughout the channel since 1999.  AddOn is well known throughout the industry for setting standards of quality and reliability. Providing trusted and tested solutions is really at the heart of what we do. We have invested over a decade of research and resources to creating an internal model to maintain full compliancy for all of our products. AddOn strives to make sure that our partners and their customers have the same confidence in our products as we do.



Our full line of networking, memory and workplace upgrades includes:


                            . Optical Network Transceivers                                    . PCI Cards

                            . Fiber Optic Cabling                                                    . Desktop, Laptop, Server Memory

                            . Direct Attach Cabling                                                 . Media Converters

                            . Dual OEM Cabling                                                     . Pro AV Cabling and Accessories










our LAB

Our on site lab is a fully equipped testing facility capable of coding and testing multiple networking products daily.

ACT AddOn Certification Test

Testing is really what sets us apart. Our in-house staff of lab technicians have fine tuned our process for over a decade. With an industry-leading Data Traveler process, every single product is put through our rigorous specifications, tested to OEM standards as well as physically tested in its intended environment. We take your exact configuration and recreate it in our lab to guarantee its functionality and performance. We do this with every product 100% of the time.

AddOn Data Traveler

Our proprietary Data Traveler System creates a living manifest that allows us to uniquely serialize, track and ship each and every part.

OEM Spec Testing

Our in-house coding facility programs all of our parts to standard OEM specs as well as creating unique, one-of-a-kind

coding for customized networking


Environment Testing

AddOn goes above and beyond the standard to recreate the network environment that these parts will be used in. With all the major manufacturers switches we can recreate an environment and test each part to guarantee its performance.

Quality Control

Our Data Traveler System then tracks each Serial number and certifies that each part has gone through the proper steps to get ready for shipping.

It's the code

that makes the difference

Not only are our products put through a rigorous testing method, each part is coded in our in-house lab. With advanced Firmware and DOM coding all Network Transceivers and Direct Attach Cabling are programmed to the OEM specification. We pride ourselves on our internal programming team and their ability to replicate authenticated code.



Most companies won't bother with custom networking solutions. We realize that today's data centers can be filled with multiple manufacturers' parts and that at some point they need to communicate to one another. At AddOn, we provide custom coding solutions to fit our customers needs. If needed, we can deploy field technicians to troubleshoot along side IT Directors to come up with a customized solution. We believe in providing the full spectrum of networking solutions to our customers.

AddOn Technology Team

Just so you know who's responsible for the AddOn advantage. Our lab is fully equipped and staffed with hands-on, seasoned technicians and programmers working every day to assure that our products are fail-free and ready to ship.

Free 30 Day Product Evaluation

We realize that qualifying a new supplier is a big step. To minimize your risk, we are offering a no questions asked FREE 30 day product evaluation.


We are convinced that once you test our products in your demanding network environment, you will readily appreciate AddOn’s commitment to quality. At AddOn we understand how important your network operation is to you and your customers.



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